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With Harriet Anderson in Brighton & Hove BN3

Presentation Skills


“All the world´s a stage” (William Shakespeare)
“All the world´s a stage – and most of us are unrehearsed” (Sean O´Casey)

Presentation SkillsWe are all presenters. Everyday life is full of small stage entrances and exits. And the larger part of our impact is made up of non-verbal elements: how we move and how we sound. The Alexander Technique helps us to control consciously those non-verbal elements so that we can do ourselves justice and shine. We can present in whatever arena we choose with confidence, authenticity and impact.

In addition to coaching individuals from all walks of life I co-developed and taught for many years a course in public speaking skills primarily for trainee teachers at the University of Vienna. I have also run numerous presentation skills seminars for institutions including: OPEC, British Council, Central Bank of Malta, University of Education Vienna ….

“Working with Harriet enabled me to significantly expand my vocal range and presentation skills …” Michael Payne, researcher for the United Nations


In our sessions we will have a look at:

Vocal elements

  • the mechanisms of breathing and voice use
  • how the principles of the Alexander Technique can be applied to promote more vocal freedom
  • voice placement* volume* resonance* pitch* intonation* pacing* pause* phrasing* articulation* expressivity

Physical elements

  • dealing with performance nerves
  • poise and posture
  • use of space
  • gesture & facial expression

Verbal elements

  • making an impact; strong beginnings and endings
  • structure & signposting; clarifying the message; audience outcomes
  • use of sensory language, metaphors, images
  • building rapport

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