For a lightness in living
With Harriet Anderson in Brighton & Hove BN3

About Me

“The unexamined life is not worth living” (Socrates)

Harriet AndersonI first came across the Alexander Technique when I was teaching at the University of Vienna. At that time I was looking for something which would give my life more balance. The Technique offered me a way of bringing mind and body together at the expense of neither which still fascinates me.

I completed my training to be a teacher of the Alexander Technique in Vienna in 1999. As I was still lecturing at the university and also because I love singing, I became interested in the Technique’s applications to vocal development and presentation skills. Amongst many other things, I went on to co-develop and teach highly popular university courses in public speaking skills, primarily for trainee teachers, which incorporated elements of voice coaching and the Technique.

My book The Thinking Teacher’s Body: A Practical Guide to Teacher Well-Being, Vocal Health, and Development appeared in 2015. (Book)

I ran a busy Alexander Technique and coaching practice in Vienna until I moved to Brighton & Hove in 2011. I am now based in Hove and maintain a practice in Vienna as well. In addition to my private work as an Alexander Technique teacher and voice and presentation skills coach, I run courses and seminars for institutions and professional groups.

Previous seminar clients include: University of Music & Drama Vienna, the OPEC, British Council, Austrian Association of Occupational Therapists, University of Education Vienna, Association of Speech Therapists in Austria. I have also been a guest Alexander Technique teacher in Malta and Croatia.

Physical movement and making music inspire me. In addition to singing, I love walking in the countryside. Both activities give me ample opportunity to explore and apply the Technique.

I am a Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, hold a current DBS check, and am fully insured.