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Give yourself a Holiday with the Alexander Technique

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Summer is well and truly here and for many of us that means holidays: lazing around,

resting, relaxing, letting go of all the tensions of everyday life, maybe just coming back

to a simpler way of living, more in tune with what we really want and need. Most of us

come back from our summer holidays feeling calmer, easier in ourselves, more

relaxed  and more able to face the demands of everyday life again. Yet unfortunately,

after a few weeks back at work, the old aches and pains often start creeping up on us

again and we need another holiday.

Here’s a way of giving yourself and your back a holiday whenever you need one: the active resting

procedure which is a standard part of the Alexander Technique. Lie down on a firm

surface, though make sure it’s warm enough and not in a draught. Put a few paperback

books under your head so your head is not falling backwards nor pushing down on your

throat. Bend your legs so your feet are on the floor and knees pointing upwards. Put your hands

on your big hip bones, your elbows pointing away from your body.

When you’ve got yourself set up, just send your awareness to where you have contact

with the surface which is supporting you. Imagine your back melting and spreading onto the

surface, like butter in a frying pan. Really feel what is underneath your feet. Let your pelvis

sink down. Enjoy that sense of support and full, easy contact. Just breathe easily and normally.

If you can manage to do this everyday for about 10 minutes, you will be doing wonders

for yourself: your spine will regain its length, your back will release and you will feel calmer

and more relaxed.

It’s the 10-minute holiday you can give yourself. Enjoy!



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