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My latest book The Thinking Teacher’s Body: A Practical Guide to Teacher Well-Being, Vocal Health, and Development appeared in early 2015.

It is 185 pages long and includes 11 black and white illustrations. The recommended retail price is £9.99.

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With this book you can learn how to:

  • enhance your own well-being
  • look after your voice
  • deal effectively with stress
  • use your body and voice with more impact

It presents clear and useful information and is full of helpful and practical exercises.

“This is an inspiring book, written with an easy fluidity and generosity, giving guidance to the reader and imparting accessible knowledge in each chapter. … It should be on every teacher’s desk and on every trainee teacher’s reading list …”. (Dorothea Magonet, Alexander Technique teacher and teacher trainer)

“The teacher’s voice is certainly one of the most important resources a teacher has and teachers need to be trained how to use it. Harriet Anderson has recognised this need and in her workshops uses the Alexander Technique as her foundation … By providing clear structures and easily understandable explanations Harriet Anderson is able to inspire her workshop participants and give them an invaluable tool – a tool not only for teaching but also for living.”

Astrid Wimmer (University of Education Burgenland, Austria)

“It is quite wonderful how much Harriet Anderson managed to change in me with very little theoretical input and many practical exercises. After her course I am much more grounded, lighter on my feet, more alert and simply happier. Even my colleagues have noticed.”

Christa Schmid (teacher and workshop participant)


Written primarily for those working in education, presenters and other public speakers will also find much of value in its pages, as will anyone who is interested in promoting their own well-being and vocal health.

Inspired by my many years teaching the Alexander Technique and coaching teachers and public speakers, this highly practical book guides the reader through useful information and many helpful explorations which promote well-being and vocal health.

It also shows how a more skilful use of the body and voice improves the speaking performance and represents an important, yet often overlooked, aspect of professional development for teachers and other public speakers.

Contents include:

1. First Principles


2. Your Physical Well-Being

3. Your Vocal Well-Being

4. Your Emotional Well-Being


5 Developing Your Speaking Skills

6 Developing Your Listening Skills

7 Developing Your Performing Skills


8 Wider Classroom Applications

9 The Alexander Technique