For a lightness in living
With Harriet Anderson in Brighton & Hove BN3

Alexander Technique Lessons


“The Alexander Technique should be studied in the atmosphere of a tea-party”
(F.M.Alexander, founder of the Alexander Technique)

“Effective learning must be based on first-hand experience.”
(John Dewey, educationalist and philosopher)

What Happens?
Alexander Technique Research
I aim to make each session practical, relevant to your individual needs, and enjoyable as well. Like most Alexander Technique teachers I work with touch and verbal guidance. We might start with looking at everyday movements like sitting down and standing up and explore what conditions and habits are getting in your way and how you might perform those activities with less wear and tear. You also get to lie down and relax while I work on you.

People usually leave a lesson feeling lighter, taller, calmer, more in tune with their own body and their own self.

You will not be asked to remove any clothing except your shoes. Doing a regime of exercises is not part of lessons. It is advisable to wear comfortable, everyday clothing (trousers or full skirts).


What will I be taught?

I aim to tailor each session to your particular needs. In general you will be taught:

  • the basic principles of the Technique and how you can apply them to your everyday life to get maximum effect with minimum effort
  • constructive resting and centred moving
  • how to use your back effectively in daily life
  • about the slump-stretch cycle and how to get out of it
  • basic experiential anatomy and physiology where relevant

… amongst other things. My aim is to support you in your learning wherever it takes you. And as in all learning processes, your own motivation and participation is crucial.

We can, of course, look at any activities or aspects which are of particular relevance to you.

What happens in group courses and workshops?

Depending on whether the group has special interests or not, we can cover largely the same ground as in private lessons. The advantages of learning in a group are that you can learn a lot by observing other people, you can share experiences, and there are more interactive Alexander games that we can do. The disadvantages are obviously that you get less individual attention and hands-on work from me than you do in private lessons. A workshop or group course is often an ideal introduction to the Technique.

How many lessons will I need?

Very understandably people often ask this question. However, because everybody is different, it is, in all honesty, almost impossible to give a helpful answer. I aim to give you something to work with from the very first session. Many of the people I have taught have noticed lasting benefits after about 5-10 sessions. Most need a few more lessons in order to be able to integrate the Technique confidently into their daily lives. Some get hooked and have lessons for years or become teachers themselves.

Most people have weekly lessons. You can of course stop lessons any time you wish.I usually suggest a no-obligation, reduced-price initial taster session with me so that you can decide if it’s the right thing for you.